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How to fix Gmail error 400

gmail error 400

Gmail error 400 occurs if you have logged in to multiple Gmail accounts using Chrome. Gmail error 400 appears on your PC or laptop and is a common error. Many times, when you try to send an attachment like an image, files etc. the system displays the alert message: Gmail “Bad Request Error 400” in Google Chrome. Another common reason for this issue is, browser cookies. Continue to read on about how to fix Gmail error 400.

Methods to fix Gmail error 400

There are many ways to fix this error, some of them are discussed below. These solutions are effective and fix the error in few minutes.

Set limitation for the File Size of Gmail Attachments

Before you send Gmail attachments, don’t forget to check the file resolution. If the documents are holding the capacity of more than 25 MB, then there will be problem in delivering such attachments. In this case, an error code 400 may appear up suddenly. Therefore, always remember that the size of the attached file is limited to 25 MB.

Clear Browser Cookies

One other reason behind the Gmail error 400 code is the “gmail_imp” file/files preserved in the Chrome browser cookies. The solution to this is, clean the browser cookies of Chrome regularly.

Follow these steps to delete the cookies files of Chrome:

  1. Go to the desktop window of your PC and right click on it. Delete the “gmail_imp” documents.
  2. Click on the option of “inspect element”
  3. Go to the “resources” tab present at the upper side of the developer tools window.
  4. Look for the cookies tab of the Chrome browser from the left side of the screen. From here, expand the cookies option. Click on “mail.google.com” item.
  5. Right-click on the “gmail_imp” section to clear all the files.
  6. Once you complete the above steps, exit out from the tool developer window.
  7. Now reload the page.

Further, if you want to delete all the cookies files linked to the browser, go to the Settings page of the browser. Go to the option of “show advanced settings” and click on it. Open the privacy sections and click on Content settings. From the cookies tab, look all the files from it. Select Delete option to eliminate all the cookies linked to the Gmail Error 400.

After successfully logging out of all accounts, try to log into the accounts again.

Another method, you can try is discussed below:

  1. Right click on the screen.
  2. Click on Inspect element.
  3. Click on the Resources option.
  4. To expand the Cookies section, click on the arrow next to Cookies.
  5. Go to mail.google.com cookie.
  6. Right click on GMAIL_IMP.
  7. Click on Delete.
  8. Close the Developer Tools window and refresh the page that is giving you the error.

If still you are facing any error, take the help of customer support. They are available 24*7 to assist you. They have a team of technical experts to solve your issues related to Gmail. Dial on their toll-free number and explain your issue in detail.

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