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How to Fix Netflix Error Code nw-3-6

How to Fix Netflix Error Code nw-3-6

Netflix Error code NW-3-6 problem is not specific there are many causes the issue some of which are:

  • Internet connective problem: your device is not proper connect to the internet.
  • Configuration problem: there might be a configuration problem either with your ISP.


  • You can turn off your device.
  • Then check Router and modem.
  • After check the DNS setting.
  • You can Re-sign your Netflix account.
  • Then check your IP address setting to static.

Solution 1: – Refresh your hardware

Hardware that’s been on for an extended period of time may run out of memory and needs to be refreshed. You can turn off your device and wait a few second and turning it back on allows the memory to clear.

If you are using the wi-fi  connection then you check your wi-fi signal. Wi-Fi signal should be strong otherwise you can use the LAN port if the device has one. If the error disappears alter using the LAN port, the WI-FI from either your router/modem might have a problem.

are you using ethernet cable connection, you might want to replace it to determine if it is in good condition. If you face these problem same then you will try other LAN port or connection using WI-FI.

Solution 2: – Reset your modem route

You can reset your configuration to factory default settings. If you do not know your user name and password please do not do this option before first speaking to your internet service provider.

Then you can reset your modem so you can press small button for few second.

  • You will unplug power the router or modem
  • After this you wait a few second
  • Then power plug back into your router or modem
  • After few second you see, your router will be start.

Solution 3: – Disconnecting VPN, proxy

If you are used internet through a VPN or a proxy service, we would recommend you to disconnect and connect directly to the internet. Sometimes your device has create connecting problem to the internet if you are connected to another server. Your modem might be unable to connected the services so whatever your modem is most basic troubleshooting step would be to disconnect all virtual private network and proxy server.

Solution 4: – Verifying DNS setting 

For PlayStation

  • Go to setting
  • Then select your network
  • Then you select internet connection setting
  • You select the custom
  • Choose your WI-FI which connection method you used.
  • You select under the WLAN section and select enter manually
  • After this you press three times right direction button and get to IP address setting.
  • IP address setting select automatically
  • You can select automatic DNS setting
  • Then select automatic MTU
  • After this you can select do not use for proxy server
  • Then select enable for UPnP
  • Next click on the X button to save your setting
  • Then you select Test connection

For Xbox

  • You can click on Guide button on your controller
  • You go to the setting and then select the system setting
  • Then you go to network setting
  • You can choose the network and select configure network
  • Then you select the DNS setting and choose automatic
  • You can turn your Xbox off and back on

Then you try Netflix again. 

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