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How to fix Netflix error code UI-800-3

How to fix Netflix error code UI-800-3

Netflix error code UI-800-3 occurs due to Netflix data stored on your device. When this error occurs it shows a pop-up message saying “Couldn’t connect to Netflix”. This error occurs in many devices including Amazon Fire TV, Blue-ray player, Roku, Amazon Fire TV stick, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, Smart TV, etc.

Solutions to fix Netflix error code UI-800-3:-

Here are many easy and quick solutions to fix the Netflix error. Go through the below-given steps:

  • Sign out from Netflix and again log in:-

When you get this error then simply sign out and sign in again from Netflix can fix this issue. It is a temporary method, but it resolves the issues most of the time.

    • At first, start the Netflix application on the Xbox one and hit the B button on the Xbox controller.
    • Now, select settings from the menu bar and tap on logout.
    • After that, again log in Netflix to check it works properly or not.
  • Re-install Netflix:-

If the installation is not proper then it also causes Netflix error UI-800-3 because the application starts to lag. So, the best approach is to uninstall the current Netflix app and re-install a new version of the Netflix app.

    • First of all, navigate to Netflix Store and launch the home
    • Now, you will get a list of all installed programs on your device.
    • Select the Netflix app and tap on the install
    • Now, the installation process will start and it will take a few moments.
    • Once, the process complete, restart the Netflix app and check error is fixed or not.
    • If you are using Netflix on the desktop then open the control panel with the help of a search bar.
    • Tap on programs & features.
    • Now, select the uninstall a program option.
    • A list of all installed programs will show on your desktop.
    • Tap on the Netflix software installer and associated application also.
    • Right-click on it to uninstall.
    • Now, click OK to confirm the removal process.
    • Download Netflix from its official website and install it with the latest version.
    • Restart the app to check whether the issue is resolved or not.
  • Reset Netflix App:-

If you use a corrupted system file or installation file then also it causes the Netflix error code UI-800-3. So change the setting and reset Netflix app to fix this error.

    • First of all, shut down receiver device or Smart HUB and hit the menu button on remote.
    • Navigate to the main menu and select Smart HUB.
    • To remove all downloaded apps, tap on Smart HUB reset option.
    • Now, enter the security code and hit Enter button to go for further step.
    • Select the smart HUB and try to access Netflix via rebooting the receiver through sliding it to the right or click on the power
    • Now, you can see Netflix error will be fixed.
  • Use Netflix in power saving mode:-

    • Tap on the Settings icon to open settings window and tap on power saving.
    • Select the power saving mode which is under the settings window.
    • Enable the power saving mode by moving the slider in the right direction.
    • Now, the power-saving mode will start and restart the device.
    • Open the Netflix app and connect it with the receiver to check Netflix’s error will be fixed or not.
  • Reset DNS settings:-

Due to the wrong configuration of DNS, it can cause the Netflix error. So, reset the DNS by alternate or preferred server address to fix this issue.

    • At first, click on the setting from the home screen and choose the network
    • Tap on the Advanced tab and launch the DNS settings.
    • Now, change it as automatic.
    • Hit the B button to save the changes.
    • If it fails, then change the DNS settings as alternate to fix the Netflix error.

One more option you can try

    • Type “control” in the search bar to open the control panel and press the enter button from the keyboard.
    • Now, choose view by small icon and tap on network and internet from the menu.
    • Choose the Network and Sharing Center.
    • Tap on change adapter settings which are on the left side of the window.
    • Now, right-click on the network interface which is connected to the internet and select properties.
    • Tap on the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) which is under the properties section.
    • Now, tap on the properties
    • After that, tap on use following DNS server addresses option and enter a preferred DNS server address as well as an alternate DNS server address.
    • Tap on OK to save the changes.
    • Tap on close to exit from the window and use a new DNS Setting to the adapter.

Now, restart Netflix and see Netflix error code UI-800-3 will be resolved.

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