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How to Fix Terrarium TV not loading links

How to fix terrarium tv not loading links

In this age of the internet, there are hundreds of online streaming platforms. Most of those platforms are free. But there are some which cost us more and less. When it comes to free streaming platforms, terrarium is a big name. There are millions of users of terrarium tv all around the world. But the facts don’t mean that this platform is free of faults. There are always some users who keep on complaining about the terrarium tv. Recently, most of the online forums were flooding with questions regarding terrarium tv not loading links. If you are one such user facing the same issue and you are wondering is terrarium tv down, this article is for you. Here, we will talk about all the issues related to terrarium like terrarium tv not working and many others.

How terrarium tv works:

Terrarium tv doesn’t cost us anything because it connects us to the links of different servers. Terrarium has nothing of its own. Though it recommends links to some servers. Whenever you use terrarium tv, it simply connects you to a server with the help of a link. So, there may be a lot of reasons when you are facing issues with your terrarium tv.


Now that you know about the working of the terrarium, it is time that you know about the solutions to this problem. Here, we are mentioning some of the most efficient solutions to your terrarium tv not loading links issue. Read this article carefully to solve this issue.

  1. Make sure you have a proper internet connection:

  • This is the first thing to do whenever you are facing issues with any of your online services. You can solve this issue by correcting your internet connection. You can check it by opening any other online service. If you are facing problems with those services as well, then there is something wrong with your internet connection. Solve it by calling your ISP. You can check your internet speed by using any online tool. There are hundreds of tools available online to do this job.
  • If you are outside and you are using some public wi-fi network to stream the content from terrarium tv then, you better switch to your Mobile Data. Most of the public wi-fi networks have limitation over the data usage.
  1. Use better media player for playing the content on terrarium:

  • As you know, there is nothing of the terrarium. So, there is no specific media player for playing the content. You will always face issues while playing content on the terrarium. We recommend you to use some better media player.
  1. Check if your internet speed is matching with the quality of video that you are playing:

  • Many users play videos in HD/4K. Such videos require considerable internet speed.
  • You should have at least 5 Mbps speed. But if you are playing videos on HD, you should have an internet speed of 10 Mbps. And if you are playing videos in 4K, you should have an internet speed of at least of 20 Mbps.
  • You can resolve your issue of slow internet speed by upgrading your internet pack. The price varies based on the ISP that you have opted.
  1. Check if the servers are down:

  • If anything goes wrong with the servers whose content you are playing, you will face the issue of terrarium tv not loading k links.
  • There is an effortless way to check it. Just go to some online forum, and if a lot of people are complaining about the same issue, then there is something wrong with the servers.
  • One of the most popular sites in this category is downdetector.com.
  • When you are sure that it is a fault of the server-side, there is nothing you can do about it. All you can do is to wait for some time. People at the back-end will correct this issue.
  1. Use a VPN service on your PC:

There are a lot of users of online streaming platforms in the United States. There is some rule in the US that enables the Internet Service Providers to reduce the internet speed when the user exceeds a certain limit of some specific site. This situation is being faced by a lot of users in the US.

You can solve this issue by using some VPN service on your PC. There are a lot of VPN softwares available in the market today. You can use any of as per your preferences.

  1. Delete the App Data and cache:

This is an option worth trying if any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t solve your issue. Many users have solved their problems of terrarium tv 2019 by deleting the cache and app data. If you are using terrarium tv on android, follow the steps mentioned below to do it:

  1. First of all Open Settings and then click on the option Apps.
  2. Then From the list of apps, click on terrarium tv.
  3. After That Select the App Data & cache. After selecting these buttons, click on the Delete button.

Those who use terrarium tv on firestick, follow the steps mentioned below to delete the app data & cache:

  1. First you Click on Settings that is available in the top bar of the screen.
  2. Then Select the option Applications and then click on Manage Installed Applications.
  3. A list of applications will appear on the screen, click on terrarium tv.
  4. There you will see the Cache Volume to be 110 MB, Data Volume to be 40.82 MB.
  5. Click on the Clear Data button. Click on the clear data again if prompted.
  6. Now, press the back button, and you will return to the Home Screen.

It is challenging to find an option that is better than terrarium tv. If you are facing issues related to terrarium tv you better solve it rather than opting for another option.


In this blog, we have mentioned many ways to help you solve your terrarium tv not loading links matter. If any of the options mentioned above didn’t fix your problem, you can contact us through our website. We have a team of experts to solve your issues related to electronic media. We specialize in dealing with issues related to online interactions. Call us on our toll-free number at the time of your need. The contact details are provided below.

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