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How to install raspberry pi

Install Raspberry pi

Are you a person who got a Raspberry Pi also called aka Pi and you want to start to build something with it but you don’t have any idea how to go about it? If yes, then read this full article carefully to install Raspberry Pi.

As you know, Raspberry Pi is a debit card sized microprocessor which is available in different models with the different processing speed starting from 700 MHz. it doesn’t matter which model you have either B model or B+ model or the very old version the installation process of Raspberry Pi is same.

If you are beginner and search out the official website of Raspberry Pi website then they might see them recommending the NOOBS LITE or NOOBS Operating system. Pi is very easy in use and from beginner, one will turn in Pro in no time. So, it is good to navigate with the most powerful and efficient OS, the Raspbian. It has thousands of pre-built libraries to perform many tasks and optimizes the OS.

First, download the latest version of Raspbian from the Raspberry Pi official websites. You have to need of an image writer to write the download OS into the SD card and if you use B+ model then use micro SD card. download the “win32 disk manager” from the official website.

Writing the Image: –

  •  Now, place the SD card into your system and run the image writer.
  • After opening it, browser and select the download Raspbian image file.
  • Choose the right device, that is the drive representing the SD card.
  • In case the selected device or driver is different from the SD card the other selected drive will be misconfigured. So be careful to use it.
  • Tap on the Write option which is at the bottom.
  • After completing the process, remove the SD card and insert it into the Raspberry Pi and turned on it.
  • Now, it should be starting the booting process.

Set up the Raspberry Pi: –

 Keep in mind that after booting the Pi, here might be condition when it will ask for user credential like username and password. Raspberry Pi also come with a default username and password so always use it whenever asked.

Credentials are like:

username: pi

password: raspberry

When the Pi is booted for first time then a configuration screen will appear as Setup Options.

In case, you missed this Setup Options screen then don’t panic, you can get it by typing sudo raspi-config in the terminal.

After opening the Setup Options window, you have to set a few things. After completing all steps, if it asks for reboot Pi then do it.

Here are two action which you can perform:

The first thing to do: –

At first, select the Expand File system option and press the Enter button. Do all this with the use of all the space present on the SD card as a full partition. Expand the OS to fit the whole space in the SD card which can be used as the storage memory for the Pi.

The second thing to do: –

  • Select the Enable boot to desktop /scratch option and press the Enter
  • Now, a new window will be open saying Choose boot option.
  • After that, tap on the Desktop Log in as user ‘Pi’ and press the Enter
  • If you don’t tap on the OK option then it will take to you at previous window.
  • So, make sure to do this.
  • If we don’t follow all the steps then Raspberry Pi boots into the terminal each time with no GUI option.

After completing the both steps, tap on the Finish option and should reboot it automatically. If doesn’t then type sudo reboot in the terminal.

Update the Firmware: –

After rebooting process, if everything is going well then you will end up the desktop. From the desktop, open terminal and type sudo rpi-update to update the Firmware of the Pi.

Firmware update is necessary because certain models of the Pi might not have all the required dependency to run it smoothly or it may have some bugs.

In this blog, we discussed to install Raspberry Pi. I hope, it is helpful to you. if you have any doubts then call to our expert’s team to resolve them.

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