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Fix Netflix error 1.20 ‘There was a problem playing the video (1.20)

How to Fix Netflix error 1.20

Netflix error 1.20 is common in Android phones and tablets. Having Netflix error 1.20 indicates the data that is stored on your android phone or tablet has to be refreshed. Netflix error 1.20 comes with an error message that displays like-“There was a problem playing the video. (1.20)”

When you find that your device is not able to reach the Netflix service, try some simple fixes like checking if your network administrator supports streaming or not, restarting the streaming device, restating the home network, connecting the device directly to the modem and restoring default IP settings. These fixes usually fix Netflix error 1.20.

Causes of Netflix error 1.20

Some usual causes of Netflix error 1.20 are:

Cache data: accumulated stored data is a common cause of Netflix error 1.20. Since Netflix stores media files such as images and scripts on your device, the piled up data may result in errors like Netflix error 1.20.

Corrupted Netflix app data

Corrupted Netflix app data is another main cause of Netflix error 1.20. When your phone or tablet has an issue with the Netflix app, it may interfere with Netflix service. If you find that the data stored by the app is corrupted, then it is confirmed that it is the main cause of error.

Once you have identified the error, you can easily solve it using the troubleshooting tips discussed below.

Methods to fix Netflix error 1.20

Now let’s discuss some easy fixes for Netflix error 1.20 one by one.

Restart the streaming device

If Netflix error 1.20 has been caused by your streaming device, then there may be a bug or a loading issue that is restricting Netflix from connecting to the internet. To solve the issue in this condition, try following fix.

Remove the power plug from your device and wait for at-least one minute. Now plug in back your steaming device and see if Netflix has started working again or not.

If this fix has solved your problem then it is well and good, otherwise see the next remedy.

Reset Netflix

This is the simplest fix to solve any problem in initial stage only. Simply sign of your current Netflix session and then sign back again. This procedure refreshes the data and solves Netflix error 1.20. If your device does not have any option to sign out of Netflix, then you may need to reset your Netflix settings. Resetting will update the data and you will be able to sign in back to Netflix.

See below steps to sign out of Netflix:

  • Sign in as main Admin.
  • Click on “More” option. Select “Accounts”
  • Go to settings and find the option “Sign out of all devices.” Click on it

Clear Netflix app data

Like other apps, Netflix also stores some files in the app data cache. When this stored data gets corrupted, Netflix error 1.20 can occur. To clear the app data cache, follow these steps:

  • Go to settings in your device and look for the option of “select app.” Click on select app.
  • Click on “app manager”
  • Go to Netflix app and select the option “clear data.” This will clear the cache.
  • Now try to stream any video in Netflix.
  • Remember that clearing out cache memory will also delete the titles you have downloaded on your device.

These are some easy solutions for Netflix error 1.20. Try them one by one. They work out most of the time. If still you have any issue, you can take help of customer support team anytime 24*7.  The technical experts on the other side are always there to solve issues related to Netflix.

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