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Fix Netflix error 5.2 with Magisk module

Netflix error 5.2

Netflix is a popular and leading internet entertainment service. You can watch TV shows, movies and entertainment online from all around the world using Netflix. Many times, Netflix users face issues and Netflix Error 5.2 is among them. Netflix also produce its original TV shows.

Many times, Netflix app shows error 5.2 in some of the Android devices. Netflix Error 5.2 appears while watching the Videos on Netflix. Obviously it is annoying for users to face such an error while watching their favorite series on Netflix. There are many ways to fix Netflix error 5.2. One such way to fix this problem is to install the Magisk Module named as Netflix Enabler.

Magisk module or Netflix enabler

Magisk module allows you to play videos during Netflix error 5.2. You can install Magisk module in some easy steps. First of all, go to modules in Magisk Manager. Add the module. Magisk module is going to be flashed inside the app. To complete the procedure, reboot and start watching your favorite shows on Netflix once again.

The working of Magisk module is as simple as its installation was. There is a file named “liboemcrypto.so” in /system/lib. This file is the root cause of the error. After removing this file, Netflix error 5.2 will disappear. While flashing in Magisk Manager, you may get an error. To be on safe side make sure that you are flashing latest Magisk version. Reboot your system and try again.

In case your device doesn’t have the “liboemcrypto.so” file in /system/lib, don’t worry it will not affect anything. If still you are not able to solve the Netflix 5.2 error with Netflix enabler, look for Netflix apk from April 2017.

Method to Fix Netflix Error 5.2 on android device

Follow these steps to fix Netflix error 5.2 on android device:

  • Go to the requirements section. Download the Flashable Netflix Enabler.Zip from here.
  • Open Latest Magisk Manager app you have installed.
  • Go to the menu from the top left corner and tap on it.
  • Look for the Modules option from the menu.
  • Click on the plus (+) button which is yellow in color.
  • Go to the storage and select the Netflix Enabler.zip file.
  • Reboot your android device. The Magisk module will get enabled now.

After completing above procedure check if Netflix error 5.2 is solved or not.

Some of the common Magisk mosdule that work effectively are XMLPak, liboemcrypto.so disabler, Wi-Fi bonding, QuickSwitch, Universal SafetyNet Fix, Google Sans Font etc.

Issues and errors with Netflix are very common. But there are many simple ways and troubleshooting tips available to fix these errors. Some of these errors cannot be fixed by your own and you need a technical person to solve them. For any issue related to Netflix due to which you are not able to watch your favorite shows or movies, you can call on the customer support number. They are available 24*7 and mostly solve the issue within minutes. They have proper knowledge regarding any technical glitch and help the customers to their full satisfaction.

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